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Glens Falls Middle School 2018 Student Awards

photo of students

June 21, 2018 — Glens Falls Middle School staff members presented more than 200 awards, surprises, and acknowledgments to the students of Glens Falls Nation during the End of the Year Awards and Recognition Assembly.

Principal Chris Reed shared that many the recognitions were due to student participation in a group, club, team, or extra-curricular activity. “It could have been an academic, musical or athletic competition,” said Mr. Reed. “It could have been that they got involved in something additional “just for fun” or “just to learn.” Maybe they accepted a personal challenge and did something for themselves -- like achieving perfect attendance. Or maybe they participated with a community service organization designed to help others who may be in need. Perhaps an individual’s recognition today is because he or she took a chance, participated and excelled at what they did to the point where we are now going to announce it for the school and community to hear.”

photo of students

Principal Chris Reed -- who is retiring at the end of this school year -- listens to the GFMS select chorus perform the song "For Good" in his honor during the awards ceremony on June 21, 2018.

“In light of all of the reasons we may be recognizing students today, it’s interesting for all of us to take time to think about just what the word Middle means when used in the term Middle School,” Mr. Reed continued.

“’Middle of what?’ some ask. I quickly wrote some thoughts down as I tried to articulate some of the things that “Middle” means to me. It means that middle school is a time where students will be somewhat transformed from being appropriately naive and protected elementary students into much more confident, more independent and high school-ready young adults. We have four years with you during which we can work on that lofty task.”

“Middle school students begin learning to use their own voice to advocate for themselves and make their opinions known. Over the course of a student’s 5 – 8 middle school experience, the middle school staff encourages students to take risks, stretch their imaginations, and make new and beneficial connections with both other students and adults. Academic curriculum gets broader and deeper in the middle school, and the expectation for learning takes on a new and more challenging pace. I think you can see, and agree, that there is a great deal going on in this Middle School time of life.”

Congratulations to each of the students honored with the following awards:

Ironman awards

Grade 5 Girls: Alina Berg, Natalie Frasier, Danielle Gooden, Molly Mulholland, Parker Welch

Grade 5 Boys: Violence Sturdenvant, Josef Frankenfeld, Brody Holcomb, Daniel Marth, Tevyn Owira

Grade 6 Girls: Gianna Endieveri, Gianna Balestrino-Searles, Frances McTiernan, Kendall Gross, Addison Hill

Grade 6 Boys: Aiden Wiggins, Marcus Macaulay, Benjamin Heyman, Justin Heym

Grade 7 Girls: Clara Avery, Kayla Quirk, Morrison Northrup, Ava Pirozzolo, Lillian Haggerty, Nyasha Griffin

Grade 7 Boys: Carson Rath, Avishai Berg, Peyton McClenning, Ryan Healy, Owen Kress

Grade 8 Girls: Catherine Barclay, Kathryn Barber, Gianna Sherman, Robin Gorton

Grade 8 Boys: Griffin Woodell, Ian Collins, Grayden McGarr, Aidan Murphy, Cyrus Pichler

GFMS Heroes Award

Michael Aratare, Cecelia Bayard, Logan Hill, Sophia Lamb, Emily Gale, Vincent Firneno, Vincent Goodway, Matthew Perrone, Tristan Storch, Angel Sutphin

Perfect attendance for the 2017-18 school year

Grade 5: Dashaun Green, Matthew Healy, Lexis Millington, Sarah Wolfstich

Grade 6: Alec Aleva, Abigail Brown, Tyler Chagnon, Leonard Fronhofer VI, Kendall Gross, William Kist, Marcus Macaulay, Frances McTiernan, Marissa Roberts, Zachary Stevens, Natalia Stevens

Grade 7: Dan Raphael Aguilar, Marckevin Gonzales, Marco Legare-Figueiredo, Charlotte MacPherson, Peyton McClenning, Sharlotte Tamez, Daemyan Tang

Grade 8: Jack Bordeau, Trevor DiMezza, Maritza Garcia, Maverick Gonzales, Wyatt MacPherson, Hudson McTiernan, Jasmine Rowell

odyssey of the mind awards

Division 2 Team, second-place winners: Gianna Endieveri, Kendall Gross, CJ Lunt, Frances McTiernan, Mae Tallon, Julia Westfall, Zoe Zachar

Division 1 Team, third-place winners: Emma Canale, Brady Gross, Bryce McClenning, Gavin Rittenhouse

Olympics of the visual arts awards

Zabien Baker, Ava Lily Bell, Kieran Blohm, Sophie Campopiano, Owen Campopiano, Julia Casertino, Jack Frandsen, Lilly Gallagher, Addison Hill, Gabrielle Houde, Julia Kress, Ava Lavine, Emily Mercier, Gabriella Myers, Amelie Nassivera, Kylie Ocasio, Leocadie Parker, Rachel Plancarte, Luke Stevens, Rowan Stimpson, Faith Stone, Jack Sweet, Sidney Tamez, Olivia Vanderpool, Sophia Wager, Lauren Weil, Julia Westfall, Lilly Wright

Art awards

Permanent Collection: Avery Hill, Kayla Quirk

Studio Habits of Mind: Charlotte MacPherson

Outstanding Dedication to the Visual Arts: Maritza Garcia

John Philip Sousa band award

Peyton Catarelli

8th grade chorus award

Sophia Wager, Christopher Tremaine

Constance Zweifel chorus award

Heather Hayes, Isabella Ferraro

GFMS String Ensemble competition winners

Kate Crandall, Heather Hayes, Clara Avery

National School Orchestra Award

Heather Hayes

library citizenship awards

Kendall Gross, Amy Whalen

Student senate summer scholarship awards

McKayla Roberts, Connor Wright, Mya Hayes, Marissa Roberts, Sean Derrick, Avi Berg, Graydon McGarr, Greg Frandsen, Griffin Woodell, Timmy motsiff, Caroline Shaver, Hudson McTiernan, Cameron Shaver, Ashley Bordeaux, Paige Sylvia, Joseph Erwin, Averielle Roberts, Dominique Reich, Miley McCane, Nick French, Jasmine Rowell, Aiden Murphy, Adi Busse, Rowan Davidson, Jahred Guy, Tanner Sokhol, Sterling Towers

GFMS Principal's award

Grade 5: Ava Larson, Josef Frankenfeld, Claire Fisher, Tevyn Owira, Schuyler Quartiers, Brooke Eggleston

Grade 6: Alec Aleva, Carolyn (CJ) Lunt, Sean Derrick, Zoe Zachar, Jakob Pregent, Frances McTiernan

Sixth grade remarkable reader award

Benjamin Heyman, Gabrielle Houde, Sophia Sanders, Natalia Steves, Julia Westfall, Kendall Gross, Amelie Nassivera, Jakob Pregent, Jack Sweet, Mae Tallon, Abigail Brown, Greyson Clouse, Shanti Dawkins, Jack Nelson, Katherine Tremaine, Brandon Sumner

Seventh grade DAR Award (daughters of the American revolution)

Clara Avery, Kate Crandall

seventh grade ptsa award

Ryan Healy, Dan Aguilar

GFMS math awards

Grade 7 Math: Sterling Towers, Sophie Campopiano

Grade 8 Math: Ashley Bordeaux, Alexander Corentto

Grade 9 Math (Algebra): Clara Avery, Catherine Barclay, Heath Borgos, Peyton Catarelli, Rowan Davidson, Trevor DiMezza, Catriona Dobert, McKayla Roberts, Caroline Shaver

GFMS Science awards

Grade 7: Clara Avery, Morrison Northrup

Grade 8: Trevor DiMezza, Heather Hayes

GFMS English Language arts award

Catherine Barclay, Peyton Catarelli

GFMS languages other than English (LOTE) awards

Grade 8 French: Ashley Bordeaux, Rowan Davidson, Julia Casertino, Emily Catalfamo, Cameron Duell, Trevor DiMezza, Robin Gorton, Sylvia Guillet, Heather Hayes, Averielle Roberts, Caroline Shaver, Paige Sylvia

Grade 8 Spanish: Heath Borgos, Owen Burr, Peyton Catarelli, Faith Stone, Catriona Dobert, Durant Poole, Brena Lewis, Vincent Westfall, Wyatt MacPherson, Kate Barber, Catherine Barclay, Isabella Ferraro, Rachel Plancarte

DAR Outstanding Work in American History

Emily Catalfamo, Oshun Johansen-Everett

president's education awards

Kathryn Barber, Catherine Barclay, Jack Bordeau, Ashley Bordeaux, Heath Borgos, Owen Burr, Peyton Catarelli, Rowan Davidson, Trevor DiMezza, Catriona Dobert, Isabella Ferraro, Sylvia Guillet, Heather Hayes, James O'Brian, Durant Poole, McKayla Roberts, Caroline Shaver, Faith Stone, Paige Sylvia, Nicholas Westfall

Ulysses S. Grant Award

Wyatt MacPherson, Kathryn Barber, Rowan Davidson, Averielle Roberts, Andre Prunty

GFMS Triple "C" Award

Andreas Antonelos, Caroline Shaver

Susan Seaman scholarship awards

Alexzander Warner, Brittany Fleming, Christopher Allen, Aiden Bovee

Office of the State Comptroller award

Emily Catalfamo

American Legion Award

Peyton Catarelli, Isabella Ferraro

2017-18 glens falls middle school student of the year

McKayla Roberts, Heath Borgos