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Free and Reduced-price meals available for 2018-19

Free and reduced-price meals are available to children who meet Federal guidelines. Applications are mailed to every family with enrolled students in August and are listed below in Adobe PDF format. Additional hard copies are available in any school's main office. Only one application is needed per family. Completed applications should be returned to the main office of your child's school.


Lunch price increases to $2.35 for 2018-19

Breakfast price increases to $1.75

When the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act went into effect in 2010, one of the requirements was that school districts gradually increase their student lunch prices until the revenue per lunch matches the federal free reimbursement level. To comply with this regulation, lunch prices in each of Glens Falls City Schools will increase by fifteen cents to $2.35 for the 2018-19 school year. Breakfast prices will also increase by twenty-five cents to $1.75 for all students. As a reminder to parents and guardians, free and reduced-price lunches are available to students whose families meet certain eligibility guidelines. The Food Services team takes pride in serving nutritionally-balanced, varied, and tasty menu items in each school cafeteria.

The district encourages parents to use the online school meal payment plan, MySchoolBucks—a secure, web-based system that allows you to put deposits into your child’s meal account, see exactly what he/she bought for lunch on any given day, and even receive a low-balance e-mail alert when your child needs more meal money. To get started, or log in as a returning user, just click the “MySchoolBucks” icon on the right-hand side of this web page.

Lunch menus and other nutritional information are also available on the district web site. If you have any questions about school meals, please give Food Services a call at 518-798-1910.

 School Meal Charging Policy

Students at GFSD are given an account with a PIN number to press on a keypad in the lunch line when purchasing lunch/milk. Kitchen staff handles the money and accounts for kindergarten students. We have found this “point of sale” (POS) system makes our lunch periods run more smoothly and efficiently.

Although students may bring in money each day, it is very helpful if parents pre-pay meal money into their child’s account. For instance, $23.50 would pay for the next ten lunches purchased. Checks can be made out to Glens Falls City School District and sent into school with your child, if your family does not use the online payment system, MySchoolBucks. Checks—NOT CASH—are great ways for us to keep a paper trail, especially when payments are traveling to school in our younger students’ backpacks.

Please note:

  • Elementary students may charge up to 8 meals, including breakfast and lunch. After that, they will be refused the meal they request. We will not let students go hungry. They will be given a peanut butter or cold cheese sandwich, canned fruit, and white milk for lunch, and toast and white milk for breakfast. Each time a student charges a meal, he/she will be given a note to take home.
  • No a la carte items may be charged, including milk.
  • No money will be refunded from a student’s account, unless he/she leaves the district.

Parents: have you tried it yet?

District uses MySchoolBucks online for easier account access

Parents now have a resource for making deposits on their children’s school meal accounts: a secure online account system, accessible anywhere, anytime at

“With current national attention being focused on children’s health and wellness issues, we are excited to provide parents with this easy prepayment service and nutritional resources for making healthy choices,” says the district’s Food Service Director, Cathy Sweet. Using, parents can deposit money into their child’s account by credit card or PayPal, and even see exactly what their child bought for breakfast or lunch in the past 30 days. By signing up for the “low-balance alert,” parents will also get e-mail notification when their child’s account has dropped below a certain amount.

“By having money in each child’s account prior to entering the cafeteria, we find the lunch lines move along much faster and students have more time to eat and be with friends,” says Ms. Sweet.

To create an account on MySchoolBucks, simply click the MySchoolBucks icon on the right.

All parents need is their child’s name and his or her Alternate ID Number. Accounts take fewer than three minutes to set up. To ask questions or check a child’s student ID number, call the Food Services Office at 518-798-1910.