97 VIP award-winners show core values

Nearly a hundred Glens Falls High School students were recognized in May with a VIP award for putting one of the school’s core values into action:

  • Positivity (optimism, the student views challenges as opportunities for growth)
  • Kindness (the student is friendly and generous, the student builds others up)
  • Perseverance (persistence, the student doesn’t give up easily or may be making hard-fought improvements)
  • Love of Learning (the student is curious and has a thirst for deeper understanding)
  • GF Nation Spirit (the student demonstrates leadership and respect, donates time and energy to the community)

Each student’s dedication was celebrated at a breakfast in the HS cafeteria. Please scroll down to read about each of the VIP award-winners’ recognition. Congratulations to all!

Full photo album: HERE

bulletin board display with many awards tacked on


Adriana Huntington Perseverance Adriana has worked hard to improve her attendance!
Aidan Murphy GFNation Spirit Aidan displayed true leadership when the swim team had their annual “Shave party”.
Aiden Bovee Perseverance Aiden has made significant improvements this year! Keep up the great work!
Aiden Bovee Perseverance Aiden Bovee has demonstrated perseverance by improving his attendance and showing a positive attitude and work ethics.
Alex Sperry GFNation Spirit On the lacrosse field, Alex is a leader. She is always encouraging  her teammates.
Alexander Warner Perseverance Way to go!   Keep up the great work!   Thanks for being so kind and conscientious.
Alexis Abare Kindness Above and beyond support of a friend in need.
Amber Bullard Kindness Your kindness and patience in helping me every morning on my crutches was wonderful!
Andrew O’Rourke Perseverance Andy has really worked hard through some stressful situations to make the best of his last year here and it is paying off!
Andrew Prosser Perseverance Andrew works extremely hard, is consistent, and always positive and thoughtful. Even when surrounded by negative people, Andrew’s excellent personality shines through. Anyone who knows Andrew is fortunate to be around such a good person.
Andrew Prosser Perseverance Andrew, your hard work in math class hasn’t gone unnoticed. You try your best to understand tough concepts and ask for help when you need it. Keep it up!
Andrew Prosser Kindness Andrew is kind-hearted and compassionate.  He is always has a smile and gives 110%.
Angelina Stemp Kindness Angelina is one of the most kind students that I know.  She is very helpful and genuinely cares for all of her classmates.  She has a positive attitude that is contagious and encourages her classmates even if she is not having a great day.  She works really hard and is one of those students that every teacher wishes they had in class.
Angelina Stemp Kindness Angelina is very kind and supportive to her peers and also encourages them to be kind to one another.
Angelina Stemp Kindness Angie’s kindness, patience and support in helping me with my crutches is so appreciated!!  Thank you!
Angelina Stemp Perseverance I am so proud of Angie.  After a tough first semester, Angie is shining bright.  Way to go!
Angelina Stemp Perseverance Angelina puts 100% into all of her math assignments. She completes work outside of class and asks for help when she needs it. She has not allowed some personal challenges to impact her work in class this year.
Arika Goodrich Love of Learning Arika has truly blossomed this year. Her attitude is positive, her work ethic is consistent, and she is learning so much. She is focused, asks good questions and follows up when she has been absent. I enjoy having her in class.
Ashanti Allen Positivity Ashanti is a delight to have in my class (or two.)  Her positive maturity and eagerness to learn spreads throughout the room.  She will be a success in life.
Ashley Colegrove Perseverance Ashley worked very diligently during the 3rd Q and persevered despite illness and absences.
Austin Montello Love of Learning He has excelled in his college curriculum and takes great pride in his accomplishments!  Rock on, Monty!!
Austin Montello Positivity Your positive attitude, ambition, and determination are impressive!  It’s been such a joy to have you as a student at GFHS!!
Averielle Roberts Perseverance Averielle has shown tremendous growth this year.  Congratulations on being accepted into Upward Bound.
Ben Merkle Perseverance Since September, he has come so far and improved so much. Great job!
Braeden Hunt GFNation Spirit Braeden is an active, enthusiastic member of Rachel’s Challenge.  When volunteers are needed for school events he will rearrange his schedule to help out.
Brendan Quirk Love of Learning Brendan is very quiet, but very hardworking.  He cares very much about doing an outstanding job in class.  I can always count on him to be an excellent student. He will be a success in life.
Brianna McFarren Perseverance Way to rise up and find success.  Bri has put forth tremendous effort to be successful this year.   Way to go.
Brooke Vassar Perseverance Brooke had a 100% average for the 3rd Q.
Callie Woodell Kindness Your kind disposition is readily felt by those around you. You’re a great friend and supporter of others, even when facing your own challenges.  I have confidence in you and your ability to cultivate goodness for yourself and others throughout your future.  🙂
Caroline Motsiff Perseverance Caroline has worked hard during her internship at Glens Falls Hospital.  She did not give up when scheduling was difficult.
Caroline Shaver GFNation Spirit Caroline has embraced GF Nation with a sense of gusto that demonstrates her interest, care and devotion to her school community. She is actively involved in several clubs- Key Club, Student Council, Freshman Class- and devotes her time to trying to better her school and community for others.
Carter Roberts Kindness Always is willing to help other kids with work they do not understand.  Just very nice and treats everybody fair and kind.
Cate Barclay Perseverance Cate had a 100% average for the 3rd Q.
Chris Allen Perseverance Chris always gives his best.  His essays get better and better every time.
Christopher Allen Perseverance Christopher works hard in math class each day and doesn’t let himself become distracted. He asks excellent questions and his high level of effort sets a great example. Great job Chris!
Christopher Allen Perseverance Chris has made so much improvement this year. He works very hard and asks good questions. He has also come to see me outside of class to see what he needs to do to succeed. It has been nice to see Chris make progress thanks to his consistent effort.
Colby Stevens Love of Learning Colby has done an excellent job as a student, learning a lot and working hard. He participates actively in class and is very positive. He often has a smile on his face. I enjoy having him in class.
Colby Stevens Perseverance Colby genuinely wants to be successful and works hard to complete his work.
Daisy Mitchell Perseverance You have done an amazing job at GFHS!  I’m so glad you transferred here- you should be very proud of yourself!
Destiny Knapik Love of Learning Destiny is a conscientious student who frequently makes valuable contributions to our class discussions in English class. She also puts forth maximum effort on class assignments. Destiny’s drive to succeed is inspiring!
Destiny Lilton Kindness Destiny always has a smile on her face! Her kindness fills the room and makes everyone’s day a bit brighter!
Destiny Stomski Kindness   Destiny shows others how to be a caring friend. She has a positive attitude that is a shining example to others. She to lifts others up, and I’ve never seen her say an unkind word. She is wonderful example of why being Kind matters.
Destiny Stomski Kindness Destiny goes out of her way to bring comfort and assistance whenever she notices someone upset or being left out.  She frequently puts others needs before her own!
Destiny Stomski Kindness   Destiny is always kind caring and respectful of others.
She shows she cares by listening and giving others who need it kind words.
I have witnessed her day after day be a wonderful example to other students, showing  everyone how important it is to be a friend to those who need them.
She never seems to care what others think and always tries to do the right thing.
Devin Lefebvre Perseverance Devin has worked hard to get his act together and shine as a Freshmen student.  Way to go!
Dominic Barbone Love of Learning Dom is always willing to help out a peer or teacher without hesitation. He continually is highly responsible and works his hardest to do his best work always. Thank you for your continual hard work!
Durant Poole Love of Learning Durant’s essays are exceptional, rich in detail.  Fun to read.
Efthymios (Timmy) Antonelos Love of Learning Timmy has proven to be a great learner. He approaches his classes with enthusiasm and genuine interest. Long may he keep up his love of learning.
Emily Barber Perseverance Emily has worked hard to improve attendance and has not given up!
Emily Lunt Perseverance Emily might work harder than anyone else in the band program. When presented with a challenge, she takes every necessary step to be prepared and learn her part. She is respected highly respected by her peers. The band is a much better group because of Emily’s work ethic. Thank you, Emily!
Emma Mauro Perseverance Emma has done an outstanding job on her internship.  She has dedicated many hours to learning more about speech therapy and working with children.  She did not quit when that would have been the easy thing to do.
Eric Delvaux Kindness Eric is a student who goes above and beyond in regards to treating others kindly.  He holds the orchestra door open EVERY morning for all of his classmates and is the epitome of the true gentleman.  I know that every single one of his classmates appreciate this thoughtfulness and would nominate Eric themselves.
Eric Drozdowski Love of Learning Eric works hard in and outside of school to create beautiful, thoughtful pieces of writing that obviously take lots of time to make! It is appreciated!
Gabriella Myers Perseverance When life throws lemons, Gabriella makes lemonade.  Gaby refuses to give up.  I am so proud of her.
Hailey Wheeler Love of Learning Hailey works hard in class everyday and always has a smile on her face. She is always prepared!
Halie Clerville Perseverance Halie inspires me because of her strength and courage. Her desire to do her very best is impressive. I am so proud of her.
Hannah Czeladyn Love of Learning Hannah is quiet in class, but she is always working on something.  She is an excellent writer with all of her assignments, and she is also writing and illustrating her own works in her spare time. She will be a success in life.
Heath Borgos Perseverance Heath had a 100% average for the 3rd Q.
Heath Borgos Love of Learning Heath is a natural scholar.  He always strives to do his best.
Heath Borgos Love of Learning Heath currently has the highest average of all of the Spanish 2 students.  He is extremely conscientious and consistently participates in class.
Heather Runnalls Kindness Heather is compassionate and kind.  She is willing to work with anyone.
Hunter Aiken Positivity Hunter has matured and improved behaviorally.  He is much more positive as he negotiates the high school. It is a pleasure to have him in the high school.
Jack Putnam Love of Learning Jack puts forth tremendous effort and aces his exams.  Keep up the good work.
Jackie Layden Perseverance Jackie had a 100% average for the 3rd Q.
Jacob Trackey Perseverance Jacob has shown big improvement these last few months. He is completing more assignments and staying after for extra help when he needs to. His grade reflects his improved work ethic.
Jahred Guy Perseverance Jahred shows great perseverance in math class. His work is always complete and he spends time outside of class with teachers as needed. His grade reflects his hard work this year.
Jayd Desourdy Perseverance No matter how tough life can be, Jayd just keeps going.  She is a delight to have in class.  Always kind and offering to help.
Jesse Zwart Perseverance Jesse has worked very hard and made huge strides this year in math. He spends time getting extra help outside of class when he needs it and his grade reflects his efforts.
Josh Lewis Perseverance Josh took on a leadership role in his internship experience. He took on the role with pride and a new found confidence. Great job Josh!
Josh Lewis Love of Learning Josh works very hard in class and will take work with him to complete on his own time if necessary.  He always puts forth his best effort.
Judy Derrick Love of Learning Judy has maintained the highest average in Siena Intro to Computer Science throughout the year. She always finds a way to make her programs work beyond what is expected, needing little guidance to complete them.  She looks beyond where we are and is unafraid to try new things.
Julia Casertino Perseverance Incredibly conscientious.  Julia’s essay writing has improved tremendously this year.
Kate Barber Love of Learning Kate has grown tremendously this year.   She participates, and often acts as a leader in her pod.
Katie Culliton GFNation Spirit Katie is a leader in our school.  She is extremely active in many of our service clubs and regularly donates her time to school and community events.  She serves as a role model with her dedication, enthusiasm, and kindness. Also impressive is her ability to balance excellence in school, sports, and other activities.
Kyle Vachon Positivity I love Kyle’s positive outlook on life.  Kyle has a way of turning other student’s comments into a positive reflection.  His sense of humor allows him to dissipate conflict in the classroom.  He is always supportive of his peers, participates daily, and overall is a pleasure to have in class.
Lauren Benway GFNation Spirit Lauren has been an enthusiastic member of the International Action Club for the past two years.  She consistently donates her time to our school and community.
Loren Wheeler Kindness Loren’s kind, helpful assistance with my crutches will always be remembered!
Makenzie Campbell Perseverance Makenzie had a 100% average for the 3rd Q.
Matt Natale Perseverance Matt has worked so hard this year. His knowledge of math continues to improve.
McKayla Roberts Love of Learning McKayla has excelled in Global Studies I Honors. Her dedication to her studies, both in classwork and examination, has demonstrated her willingness and ability to succeed. Keep up the great work!!!
McKayla Roberts Perseverance McKayla had a 100% average for the 3rd Q.
Miranda Subcliff Perseverance Miranda manages to juggle her busy schedule which includes walking to work.  She’s actively involved in many clubs and has a positive attitude.  I admire her take charge attitude and determination!
Mitchell  Riopelle Kindness Mitchell is kind to a student in his Astronomy class.  He generously helps him with assignments during study hall and is ALWAYS kind, and patient.
Nate Tremaine Positivity Nate is always positive and even on days that might not be the best he is always has a least one smile to share.
Nick Teta GFNation Spirit Nick should be recognized for his amazing work in the school musical.  Audience member after audience member commented on his comedic timing and his “all-in” performance.  Nick wowed not only the school community as well as the community at large.
Nikkita Hyrny Positivity Nikkita is always working hard to improve her work.  Always willing to help somebody out.
Nolan Towers Positivity Nolan is a role-model in class everyday with his work well-done and prepared with materials. Keep it up!
Nora Blohm GFNation Spirit Nora has been a very active member of the ART Club and has volunteered several hours in helping the progress of our community mural. Nora is a dedicated student and artist and has been our most reliable member!
Olivia Drino Perseverance Olivia has consistently worked hard to make corrections, keep up on work and understand the material. The material does not come easy to her, but she is working hard.
Olivia Vanderpool Positivity No matter how her day is going, her glass always seems to be “half full”.
Olivia Vanderpool Positivity Olivia has a positive, upbeat attitude even when she’s feeling stressed. Her smile is contagious!
Paul Trackey Kindness Always polite and kind to others always speaks positive.
Peyton Catarelli Love of Learning Peyton always pushes beyond to get the most out of each class.
Phoebe Fox Kindness Phoebe needs to be honored because she continually goes out of her way to help others who are less fortunate or  in need.  When no one in the class will work with a student, it is Phoebe who will ask to work with that student. She sees a need and takes charge, making someone who may have few friends, or no friends, feel special, safe and belonged.
Robin Gorton Perseverance Robin had a 100% average for the 3rd Q.
Rowan Davidson Perseverance Rowan had a 100% average for the 3rd Q.
Ryan Berggren Perseverance Ryan is a student who transferred from a different state. Although he had never played lacrosse before, he chose to try-out for the team. He just scored his first goal and has been an example of being open to change and trying new things. This courage will only continue to serve him well!
Ryan Berggren Kindness Ryan is new to GF and I am very impressed with him. He always says hello and thank you to me after every lesson! He became a member of the Lacrosse team and has tried very hard to get involved with Glens Falls. I feel he deserves to be honored for his dedication and positive outlook, and desire to be part of GF Nation – we are so happy to have him as our new student!
Ryan Dieffenbach Positivity Ryan is perpetually positive. His spirit and energy make our school a better place to be.
Ryan Rawson Perseverance Ryan has made huge strides in math this year. He always tries his best.
Sam Lavine Perseverance I am so impressed by Sammy’s performance on the basketball court.  He is hard working and an outstanding example of grit and determination for us all!
Samuel Baars Perseverance Sam is a bright individual that has made a great effort to continue to improve this year. I am impressed with his ability to stick to his goals.
Scout Jones Kindness Scout’s kindness and support to help me on my crutches is so wonderful!  Thank you!
Shyeann Rawson Perseverance Shyeann is working many evenings and weekends at her part-time job while keeping her grades up at school. It’s a lot of work and we appreciate you!
Sienna Palmer Perseverance Sienna is a conscientious student who never complains and always puts forth good effort. Nice job Sienna!
Sky McAllister Perseverance Skylar has shown tremendous improvement this year.  Keep up the great work.
Skylar Jackson Perseverance Skylar is a student who consistently overcomes challenges. He is a great example of the power of perseverance.
Sovereign Strickland Love of Learning You are strong, determined, true to yourself, and willing to speak up to challenge the status quo.  I admire your inquisitive spirit and can’t wait to hear about your experiences in Argentina next year!
Sydney Snyder Love of Learning Sydney has the highest average of all of the current Spanish 3 students.  She is conscientious and enthusiastic about learning Spanish.  She also asks thoughtful questions during class and is helpful to her classmates.
Syndey Jones Love of Learning Incredibly conscientious.  Syndey always gives 110%.
Thomas Stockdale GFNation Spirit Tom is someone who gives 110% when given a task in band. He never hesitates to help and creates a positive environment for the entire band program. Thank you for all you do, Tom!
Tom Stockdale Kindness Tom is kind to whomever he is working with and gets along with all students. He is never negative with anyone.
Trevor Britten Love of Learning Trevor is extremely insightful and has a deep understanding of literature.  He is an excellent writer in school and is working on his own creative stories and novels at home.  He will be successful in life.
Ward Sweet Perseverance Ward had a 100% average for the 3rd Q.
Zach Green Perseverance Zach is incredibly conscientious.  When he needs something, he is proactive and asks.  Zach has shown tremendous growth this year.